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Nieman Printing Inc., in Dallas, has paid $96,335 in overtime back
wages to 101 employees following an investigation by the U.S.
Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD). The WHD
also assessed civil penalties of $26,000 for violations of the federal
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

“This company knowingly used illegal employment tactics to avoid
paying workers overtime,” said Cynthia Watson, the WHD regional
administrator. “This investigation demonstrates the Labor
Department’s commitment to ensuring that employees are paid the
wages they have rightfully earned, and to holding employers
accountable for compliance with federal law. We will continue to
use every enforcement tool available to ensure a level playing field
for all employers.”

An investigation conducted by the division’s Dallas district office
found that Neiman employed workers simultaneously under
contracts with two separate staffing agencies. The employees were
required to use two different time clocks at the same facility, with
hours worked Monday through Wednesday charged to one
temporary help service and hours worked Thursday through
Sunday charged to another, resulting in unpaid overtime wages.
Additionally, investigators determined that some salaried
employees were misclassified as exempt and were, in fact, entitled
to overtime compensation.

In addition to paying back wages and penalties, Nieman has agreed
to comply fully with the FLSA in the future.

Nieman Printing Pays Fine
For Wage Violations

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