CMS provides the following services:

HR Administration
•        Employee Relations
•        Recruiting
•        Training    
•        Labor Relations
•        UFO
Hispanic Workforce
•        Investigations

Fees:  We offer a range of options to meet your needs.

•        Hourly
•        Project
•        Part-time

Free Consultation:  We offer a free initial consultation
to discuss your needs and review how CMS can help

CMS offers solutions that are:

•        Realistic
•        Cost-Effective
•        Personalized
•        Customized
•        Available in Spanish
•        Available on an As-Needed basis for:
    -        An issue
    -        A project
    -        Part-time help
    -        A specific period of time

Failing to adhere to complex and bureaucratic
compliance regulations can result in expensive fines,
legal actions and court imposed sanctions.

CMS services and solutions will help you:

•        Limit liability
•        Reduce risk
•        Reduce turnover
•        Avoid legal issues
•        Avoid EEOC issues
•        Hire the right people
•        Increase productivity
•        Maintain updated policies
•        Increase Employee Morale
•        Develop your company culture
•        Discourage 3rd Party Disruptions
•        Discourage 3rd Party Interference
•        Protect your rights as an employer
•        Strengthen Your Management Team
•        Communicate effectively with employees
CMS offers realistic and
cost-effective solutions that
help you comply with the array
of employment laws.   

CMS will help you get through
the HR Maze so you can get
back to running your business.