CMS will help you administer a positive Employee
Relations Program.

An effective Employee Relations Program will
reduce turnover, increase productivity, promote
your company goals and allow your employees to
focus their attention on doing their jobs. CMS can:

    •     Help you develop an employee relations
    •     Help you create an employee relations
    •     Manage your employee relations program
    •     Provide you advice and assistance with
          your employee relations program
    •     Free up your time by being your
          HROncall professional

CMS can also help you in the following areas:

•        Employee Handbook
•        Employee Recognition Program
•        New Hire Orientation
•        New Hire Offer Letters
•        Benefits Program
•        Employee Communications Meetings
•        Management Round Tables
•        Open Door Policy
•        Communication Updates
•        Wage Reviews
•        Compensation Program
•        Performance Reviews
•        Personnel Records
•        EEOC Policies
•        Non-Harassment Policies
•        No  Solicitation – Distribution Policy
•        Promotion Policy
•        Email Communication Policy
•        Compliance Posters
•        Employee Referral Program
Employee Relations