CMS works with you to find and hire the right
people. CMS can help you develop and implement
the right recruiting program for your company.

An effective Staffing Program will provide you with
the human resources you need in a timely and
cost-effective manner. CMS can:

•  Help you develop a staffing strategy
•  Help you create a staffing program
•  Manage your staffing program
•  Provide you advice and assistance on
your staffing program
•  Free up your time by being your
HROncall professional

CMS can also help you in the following areas:

•        Job Profiles
•        Job Descriptions
•        Job Ad postings
•        Resume review / selection
•        Applicant Tracking
•        Applicant Interviews
•        Interview Training for Managers
•        Employee Referral Program
•        New Hire Offer Letters
•        EEOC policies
•        Recruiter services