CMS helps you work through the confusing maze of
complex state and federal compliance regulations.

An effective HR management program will allow you
to comply with these regulations and minimize your
risk and liability.

CMS provides the following services:

    •       Do an HR Audit to determine if any areas
            need attention
    •       Help you develop the proper policies
    •       Help you update your current procedures
    •       Help you decide which policies need to
            be addressed first
    •       Help you manage, review and implement
            HR compliance regulations
    •       Help free up your time by being your
            HROncall professional.

CMS provides services in the following areas:

         Personnel Records               EEOC        
         Employee Handbook             I-9’s
         Policies and Procedures       HR Audit
         Hiring and Recruiting            Job Ads
         Job Descriptions                   FMLA
         Performance Reviews           ADA
         Discipline Programs              ADR
         Benefits Programs                ADEA
         EE Recognition Program      PTO
         Mergers and Acquisitions     COBRA
         Due Diligence                       WARN
         Right to Work                        At Will
         Wage Reviews                      FLSA
         Compensation Program         FCRA
         Compliance Posters              HIPAA
         Terminations                          RIF
         No Solicitation                       EPA
         No Distribution                       EAP
         New Hire Orientation             EPPA
         Sexual Harassment                HSA  
         Living Wage                           Sox
         OWBPA                                 ERISA
         NLRA                                     NLRB   
         IRCA                                      SPIT
HR Administration