CMS will show you how to effectively manage your
Hispanic workforce.

An effective Hispanic workforce program will integrate
your company culture so you can increase productivity,
reduce turnover, lower costs and minimize down time
caused by language and cultural misunderstandings.
You will also be able to tap into the Hispanic worker's
creative and inventive problem solving skills.

Ask about our brown bag approach to training.

CMS provides the following services:

        •   Help you develop a Hispanic workforce
        •   Help you create a Hispanic workforce
        •   Manage your Hispanic workforce program
        •   Provide you advice and assistance on your
            Hispanic workforce program
        •   Help free up your time by being your
            HROncall professional

CMS also provides these services:

     •      Hispanic Workforce Cultural Awareness
     •      Workforce Spanish for Supervisors
     •      Workforce English for Employees
     •      Company Culture Orientation for Employees
     •      Team Leader Orientation
     •      Supervision Skills for Hispanic Supervisors

CMS will work with you to develop:

     •       A Company Dictionary
     •       Work Rules
     •       Work Area Chart
     •       1st Aid Chart
     •       Safety Chart
     •       Word Free Zone
     •       Workforce KSAs
Hispanic Workforce