CMS will help you create a Training Program for
the continuing development of your employees,
supervisors and management team.

An effective Training Program provides your
employees with the necessary Knowledge, Skills,
and Abilities to maximize productivity.

CMS provides quality, cost-effective training
tailored to your company.

Ask about our brown bag approach to training.

CMS provides the following services:

        •    Help you develop a training strategy
        •    Help you create a training program
        •    Manage your training program
        •    Provide you advice and assistance
             on your training program
        •    Help free up your time by being your
             HROncall professional

CMS also provides the following services:

        •        Effective Supervision
        •        The 1 Minute Manager
        •        Managing Change
        •        New Hire Orientation
        •        New Manager Assimilation
        •        KSAs for positions
        •        Career Development
        •        Team Leader Orientation
        •        Conducting Effective Interviews
        •        Conducting Effective Meetings
        •        Job Performance Evaluations
        •        Train-the-Trainer sessions
        •        Effective Presentations
        •        Effective Coaching
        •        Effective Listening
        •        Effective Problem Solving
        •        Effective Decision Making
        •        Effective Investigations
        •        EEOC training for supervisors
        •        Harassment training
        •        Discrimination training
        •        Communication meetings
        •        Terminations – Never Easy training
        •        Company Policy reviews
        •        Benefits Summary presentation
        •        Employee Handbook presentation
        •        Company Specific trainings